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Lunch is ServedServing Lunch at Wellness CenterWheel to the Sea
SeeAYSO Pancake Breakfast 2013-1Presentation of Flag and MIA/POW Table
TheBeer.jpgInstallation 2014 Treasurer and Secretary AwardWheel to the Sea
Wheel to the SeaAYSO Pancake Breakfast 2013-450 Year Club Anniversary City Proclamation
Getting Ready to Cross PCHAYSO Pancake Breakfast 2013-10SNP_2523.JPG
Installation 2014 AwardsRelay for Life 2017TOLL pancake breakfastTOLL pancake breakfast
Wheel to the Sea
Thousand Oaks
Meetings: Every Wed. at 7:15AM·Palm Garden Hotel, 495 N. Ventu Park Road, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91320