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Thousand Oaks
Meetings: Every Wed. at 7:15AM·Palm Garden Hotel, 495 N. Ventu Park Road, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91320
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As a veteran, it is always touching to have someone say thanks.  It doesn’t matter if you actually saw combat or just served during wartime, or in which branch of the military you served, it is enough that you served this great country and were willing to put yourself in harm’s way if necessary.  The many veterans who are members of the Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks stood at breakfast today and were recognized for their service.  Arnie Rudman’s invocation was a fine example of the strong patriotism of the club.  He spoke, “On this Veteran’s Day we give thanks and pay homage to the courageous men and women who have fought to protect and defend this great country and all of the rights and freedoms we hold sacred.  We are forever grateful for their sacrifices in keeping us a free and democratic society.  Let this day stand out, but not be an exception, in honoring defenders of liberty.  Let us also remember the fallen at Fort Hood and give comfort to those dear to them and to the brothers and sisters of their military family.  And also give comfort to Michelle Miller and her family for the loss of her beloved mother.  God bless America and God bless the Veterans of this Kiwanis Club.”