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Meetings: Every Wed. at 7:15AM·Palm Garden Hotel, 495 N. Ventu Park Road, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91320
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Wheel to the Sea

For any who have not ventured into the ride we call “Wheels to the Sea,” you are missing the essence of what Kiwanis is all about.  You may feel special when you help a wheelchair friend navigate through Sycamore Canyon over rocks, through sandy dirt trails, across water-swollen riverbeds (for the first time in years), around poison oak and waving to campers in the final campground.  You may also reflect on the warmth that each friend gives when they thank you repeatedly over the four-plus miles, saying that this event is the one they look forward to twice a year (what we take for granted).  You may also feel a unique sense of pride when you finally reach the ocean knowing that you have made someone else’s day and have made it yourself!


However, as Kiwanians, what makes us really special is our ability to get together and really cook!  The Northridge Club provided breakfast at the Danielson Ranch this time.  They put together a “McDonald’s” type egg-buddy breakfast sandwich with a fresh bun, cheese, Canadian bacon, and an egg.  To eat two of those babies would warm the cockles of any heart (pass the Crestor).  Then they topped it off with fresh fruit, OJ (the good kind), coffee and a smile.  Not convinced yet?


Then behold the BBQ from the Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks!  Fresh cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, veggie-burgers with all the fixings, served with amazing chili, chips, drinks and coleslaw, and all made by loving hands right up to the last minute!  And did I mention the view?  To eat all that on the beach in perfect weather was amazing.  And if that didn’t motivate you to participate, then check your pulse.  See you in November!  (By Doug “Deputy Dawg” Ryan)